Plan of Action

So what happens when you list a property with Kapital Brothers?

Once you sign … well … rest assured, you have not signed your life away.  Rather you have an agreement, a written agreement that binds the parties to put forth their best efforts to sell the home in a manner consistent with the conversations, understandings and obligations therein. To better illustrate the sequence of events, I have provided a timeline to detail what you can expect from me, my team and how we will go about the task of selling your home. Upon signing …

[1] Professional photography will be scheduled. This may include still photography, video, aerial/drone imaging, and Matterport technology. The type of photography and elements incorporated will be determined by the photographer, based upon a number of factors (visual, space defined, etc.) The photography session will take place during optimal time and weather. There are occasions when we schedule photography and are forced to cancel. Please understand that this potential inconvenience will pay dividends when the photography ultimately ensues. You really have just one opportunity to make that perfect 1st impression. 

[2] You will decide on signage.  If you live in an area where signage is allowed, you will have the opportunity to have a sign showcasing that your property is for sale. For some this is an advantage to allow for maximum exposure. For others, for whatever reason, it is seen as a distraction and decided against. Your choice.

[3] Once the photography session is complete and I receive the finished product, we will assemble the photos/video stream and pair that with the specific content about the property. The combination of photos and content will be uploaded to the MLS data system simultaneously. The reason for that is simple. The goal is to provide a complete picture when viewing the property online. To simply provide content without pictures causes potential buyers to “disregard” the property and, in fact, studies have been conducted where it has been determined that listings without pictures are viewed for less than 30 seconds and those with pictures are studied for minutes (some 20 minutes or more), downloaded and acted upon.

[4] Once MLS upload occurs, your property is essentially “LIVE” for agents to see and it is ultimately disseminated and syndicated to various sites and affiliates online.

[5] The process of dissemination and syndication, while streamlined, is specific to each and every operating portal. These “FEEDS” act independently and while your listing may show up on Zillow after Day 3, it may take until Day 4 or Day 5 for it to show up on There are dozens of sites that will showcase your home. That is the power of technology. And this will increase “REACH” and cast a wider net for the potential Buyer Pool. A list of syndicated sites will be provided once we confirm that the listing is live and being showcased.

[6] Within the first 10 days of your listing going “LIVE”, we will create an in-home brochure for visiting, prospective Buyers. It will be similar to the example provided at our first meeting on heavy-stock paper, glossy coat, to “STAND OUT” from the rest of the common handouts typically given during a visit.  We will also send out postcards, announcing the “New Listing” thereby alerting the local establishment that the property is for sale.

[7] If you are receptive, we will conduct a Broker’s Open at the home. These are typically catered affairs with wine and live music and invites are sent to agents, prospective Buyers and those “in-network” who may have interested clients. We normally schedule these events “after hours” (5-8pm) as this usually provides for the best turnout.

[8] Items 1-6 are organized and carried out within the first 30 days (unless there are extenuating circumstances).

[9] Appointments to view the home: We are adamant and particular about the suite of services we provide each and every one of our clients. We personally assist ALL showings. There are no lockboxes (unless specifically mandated, i.e. vacant/foreclosure, etc.) Each buyer will be thoroughly vetted before granting a showing request and you will always confirm date and time of each showing before the appointment is booked.

[10] It is preferable that the Seller is not on property during the showing. It is our opinion and studies have confirmed that Buyers are uncomfortable when Sellers are present. The goal is to make the Buyer feel at home and when they are at ease, it allows the emotional connection to take hold. 

[11] After a showing occurs, we will ask agents for feedback, typically at the end of the day so as to not inquire while the agent and buyer are together. Once we have obtained unedited feedback, we will relay same to you.

[12] Above and beyond the aforementioned, we will utilize social media, select print media and PR opportunities to showcase your property. There is no timeline for these events as they happen randomly (i.e. a phone interview with The Real Deal, DBR or Miami Herald). I am fortunate to have contacts everywhere and as resource for these real estate information companies and news organizations, I am often cited and called upon to comment about the most up-to-date, relevant content.

[13] All offers will be conveyed, even those you wouldn’t dare entertain. We will not guess what you might or might not be willing to accept. When we receive an offer, we will zealously represent you and fiercely negotiate on your behalf. If we are able to come to terms, we will actively engage in all of the follow-up that takes place (inspection, appraisal, walk-through, closing, etc.) We are present before, during and after the transaction. We are full-service. There is no one-and-done mentality. We are here to be a partner and to be a resource for you in the future.

Finally, just know, we are available anytime. Full service means full service. Calls, texts and emails will be answered promptly. We understand that selling a home can be a stressful and emotional time and we are mindful of that. We are here 24/7 to handle all questions, concerns or just to act as a friendly ear.  We are your partner, your liaison and ultimately your official representative when it comes to closing the deal. We are appreciative of that trust and will always do right by you.

Very Truly Yours,

Jason Kapit, Co-Founder
Kapital Brothers at Keller Williams
Dedicated. Real Estate. Professionals.