AI | The Future of KW | Social Media Data

November 29, 2017

The Jason Kapit Group invests both time and money to ensure that our Exclusive Listings receive maximum exposure. Part of the process is determining where buyers spend their time searching and finding their eventual homes. 

As you will see from the Hootsuite presentation, an overwhelming majority begin the process online, navigating real estate portals and social media posts. Even more specific and telling is how they search, with a dramatic migration from desktop computers to mobile applications (phone, Ipad, watches, etc.)

This is a far cry from a time when most real estate marketing was reserved for printed publications. Not the case anymore. While there is a medium for that (which we utilize), the digital age is dictating. 

Rest assured, our properties are marketed aggressively through all formats of online media and we will continue to study these progressions to stay ahead of the curve.

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