Jason Kapit is a Realtor AND an Attorney!
What does that mean to you as a Buyer or a Seller? The skill-set that attorneys possess are a major benefit in the real estate sales arena. Here’s how they apply.

[1] Client Management – Working with clients is an art form unto itself. An attorney’s ability to listen, issue spot, etc. is a skill that few possess.

[2] Issue Spotting – During a real estate transaction, there are always issues and things to figure out. Something always goes wrong (inspection, appraisal, fraud, etc.) and a solution to fix it needs to be hatched. Or something goes phenomenally right (multiple offers) and this presents a multitude of new options. As such, decisions need to be made, strategies need to be devised, communications need to be delivered, and next steps need to be agreed upon. As an attorney, Jason Kapit was trained to multi-task to deal effectively with all of the above.

[3] Clear and Concise Prose – Attorneys write. A lot. And they write well. In real estate miscommunication is so pronounced and often serves to cause deals to falter. The net effect is that time is wasted, important issues are misunderstood and productivity is reduced. Jason Kapit was initially trained to write understandable, persuasive content for the most discerning readers (judges, opposing counsel, clients, etc.) But this skill-set is just as valuable an asset in the real estate arena. Communicating effectively with agents, clients, real estate attorneys, inspectors, and appraisers is extremely important when trying to get a deal done. With Jason representing you, nothing is left to chance and there is a highly reduced risk of a misunderstanding during the course of a transaction.

[4] Beyond Disciplined – Attorneys are held to higher standards with regard to client confidentiality, professional ethics, and fiduciary duties. The industry is highly regulated and that mindset remains in place when acting in an agent capacity. Many of Jason’s clients are professional athletes, entertainers and people who prefer to keep their personal business, well, personal. Jason’s background lends itself to these types of delicate issues that often surround these luxury home transactions.

[5] Interpersonal Skills – Successful attorneys have to be able to communicate effectively. They have to be engaging. They have to work well with others. And they have to be persuasive. In the real estate arena, these honed attributes pay dividends and help Jason continuously close successful transaction after successful transaction. Real estate sales are complex. They are fraught with problems and emotions often run high. A calming influence with a handle on the situation is often the difference between a closed sale and one that is derailed. Jason is that calming influence who takes charge in a tactful but commanding way to insure that deals get done. Plain and simple.

[6] The 24/7 Mentality – Attorneys are often required to put in exceptionally long hours. Billing 2,500 hours a year (a 50-hour work week) is the norm and most who vie to be partners put in even more time and effort. That work ethic is an internal driver and as Jason transitioned to real estate, his focus, high-energy and work-around-the-clock mentality came along for the ride. When you hire Jason Kapit and his team of dedicated agents and support staff, you get a professional workhorse whose goal is to deliver on their mantra, namely, Your Success Is Our Priority. We do not look at commission dollars as the gauge. We devote our time and energy into clients who value our insight, experience and dedication to the craft and who we hope to forge lasting, professional relationships with well into the future. This is who we are. This is TJKG.

Our Promise: Trust us to take care of your residential real estate needs and you will have a dedicated team who will always look out for your best interests.

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